The implications of an “Ape Army” in the crypto space


This is total speculation, but the fact LRC has an Ape Army behind could provide an interesting dynamic as we anticipate a Bear Market.

Many are acutely aware of an impending crash and are trying to avoid it all costs. With LRC being involved with the Ape Army, many will see value in that communities ability to hold. Furthermore, the more that community chooses to hold, the more resilient that coin will be to btc dumps.

I can’t be the only one that has thought of that, and I would not be surprised if many choose to take advantage of that Ape Army dynamic. “Oh shit, btc is crashing, put it into LRC; it has the hodlers.”.

Now, I fully understand there is a large group of day traders, that try to swing LRC, but it always seems to be picked up by the community. If this were 3 years ago, i would say no way an internet group would make a difference, but given the whole GME thing, this community does seem to play for keeps.

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