The Hunt for Pokemon Go for Crypto – Can it be done?


An “influencer” posted on Twitter today that crypto gaming will start with miniature apps before moving toward true metaverse gaming. Sticking out in his comments was a reference to Pokemon Go for crypto, which so many projects have claimed to be working toward. Is anyone invested in a project that’s actually succeeded in building this?

The concept seems straight-forward enough: build an AR app and let people collect crypto or NFTs. Execution looks to be the trickier part.Trying to search the internet and Twitterverse, here’s the small list of successes and failures easily found.

Dexioprotocol. Came across these guys in the comments on the aforementioned Twitter post. This crypto project seems to be leading the efforts here with an app that’s actually released in beta. Looking across their Twitter, it looks like there are people in beta cities capturing BTC, ETH, and others. Users are reporting capturing and receiving actual crypto. It looks like NFTs could be in the mix too. Keeping this one on my short list to watch.

Dogemon Go. This app has been around for a little bit, but it doesn’t look like you’re actually capturing real crypto (like the project before). Maybe the tricky part is getting the blockchain connection? Here it looks like users capture “credits” and/or spend more time leveling up for the chance to find Dogecoin. Feels like this falls into the P2E trap facing many games in trying to keep user engagement, momentum, and equity.

Fold. I can find several PRs saying they have released a Pokemon Go-like game as part of their app, but after downloading it, I see no signs of it. They’ve stopped mentioning it on their social media and website too. They first announced this in August and then again in November. Anyone have the details here?

Expedition. Huge PR saying they had 65K users on their waitlist, but their Twitter has disappeared? Looks like they were building on Terra and the rewards were LUNA and UST. I probably don’t have to tell this group what happened there… 65K users in a single day seems suspect though. And why did they remove their social media presence?

Feels like AR is gaining popularity in the space, and Entrepreneur magazine has it listed as the number one trend in 2022. Looking forward, there could be big potential here if projects can implement it. Any other projects you’re following?

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