The Guy who Invested $40,000 in SafeMoons and Lost $37,000 of It Panic Sold and FUDed Bitcoin at $11,000


Dave Portnoy, who invested $40,000 in SafeMoons and lost $37,000 seems to be even more of an idiot than some thought.

In February he claimed to never buy Crypto again after he panic sold his Bitcoin at $11,000, missing out of a 412% gain that the given time.

“I’m never buying bitcoin. Never. Never, never. I don’t believe a thing about it”

“I’ll throw you a little fucking bitcoin”

Did he never buy Bitcoin again?

Yes, he bought SafeMoons instead of anything else:

and lost it all again

At least he is self aware:

I’m such an idiot … with bitcoin. At least I know I’m an idiot, alright

He has also lost $700,000 on GME while trading with millions of Dollars on Robinhood, but thats another story

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