The guy who begged people to just buy 1$ worth of BTC 8 years ago is giving away 1 BTC on his bday today


He announced on Twitter today about his bday and subsequent 1 BTC give away to a lucky subscriber on YouTube

Davinci Jeremie is his name! Most crypto veteran must already know him as he was the Bitcoin OG who is one of the biggest perma bull.

I mean people get ecstatic when they get just 100$ of airdrop, can’t even imagine the face of someone who gets one whole freaking bitcoin as an airdrop. What do you even call it? Whale drop?

This guy is a mega millionaire but still I don’t see many BTC millionaires giving away almost $50k on their birthday’s. Anyone hope one of you r/cc members get that 1 BTC, wishing everyone luck.

And if one of us gets that BTC, please please do make a reaction post so we can join in the celebration!

Edit: Here’s the video which you should comment on to be eligible

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