The global crypto market ($1.73T) is still worth less than a single US company (Apple $2.64T). If you think the largest decentralized financial system will never recover, then sell and move on.


Just wanted to put some perspective/hopium with this recent drop and that we are nowhere close to gold’s market cap (10 trillion) and stock market (50 trillion). If BTC hit 100k it would only closely match apple and still be nowhere close to gold’s market cap. I still have money invested in the stock market because I believe in the future of US companies but even I think it’s overvalued compared to what crypto could bring to financial networks.

And yes, apple is a big company that is also internal national but I still think the idea of crypto and the technology being developed by over 10,000+ developers deserves a much higher valuation.

The negatives about crypto are what is highlighted like the exploitation of NFTs, scams, and pump and dumps. Take a look at the bigger picture and you can see that nothing has changed.

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