The general public don’t realise the importance of crypto


Let’s be honest, the world is going to be cashless soon.

In modern countries most people already use their card (contactless) or phone to pay in shops and the pandemic has accelerated it more. Some places outright refuse to accept cash.

I don’t want to live in a world where every single time I pay for something this data is stored and analysed and can be used for a thousand different purposes.

Not to mention, payment processors like VISA will pretty much have a license to steal because they get a cut of EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION.

That’s where crypto comes in and why I’m happy that every single person on this sub is supporting this revolution.

It’s given people AN ALTERNATIVE which is super important. Without it, we’re literally left at the mercy of banks, government and payment companies.

Whatever coins/tokens you’re investing in you’re helping to build a better/fairer future.

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