The future of CRO is in THIS man’s hands?


Kris Marszalek:

2004 to 2009 Co-Founder of “Starline Polska” This company no longer exists 2009 to 2010 Co-Founder/CEO of “YIY Hong Kong Ltd” This company no longer exists 2010 to 2014 Co-Founder/CEO of “BEECRAZY”. The company shut down one day, all of a sudden. Investors and customers lost their money. The company was sold to another company, iBuy. 2014 to 2015 COO of iBuy. Failed, see below. 2016 CEO of “Ensogo” – Formerly iBuy. After coup by COO to become CEO, company delisted from the exchange in 2016. People lost their investments. Multiple lawsuits followed. 2017 Founder and CEO of Monaco. Rug pulled on investors after essentially delivering nothing and eventually allowing them to swap MCO for CRO tokens costing original inventors 4X more for the same rewards in CRO. Newly minted CRO tokens gave them a huge supply of fresh tokens of free money. 2018 Founder and CEO of Lured new crypto investors with bait and switch tactics of unsustainable rewards of memberships with Spotify, Netflix, cashback rewards, staking rates, etc. effectively bamboozling them to lock their money for long periods while token value falls through sinkhole because of changing terms, rates and rewards

It will be different this time?


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