The future is bright for crypto and I’ll tell you why


Ever wonder if crypto is actually the future? If anyone will care in 5 years? Well I have good news for you.

Context, I’m an elementary school teacher and am fresh out of teacher’s college which means I start as a substitute. I was teaching a grade 5/6 class today and I heard them talking about “crypto and NFTs” multiple times. Did they ever make mention of the stock market? Not once. They also referred to but I didn’t hear the conversation around that. There are also classroom online games called blooket which have a “crypto hack” version of the game.

I can guarantee you guys that some young students probably know more than us about crypto. Coding is now in the curriculum in my country and the talent of these young kids was inspiring to see. Maybe they’ll work on blockchain one day.

It seemed as if crypto and NFTs were definitely seen as cool and trendy however I think this is one trend that is here to stay.

P.S, whenever I give kids free time, 90% of them use that time to code.

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