The FOMO is strong



Caught up in the hype, I doubled down on my investments at the top in 2021. I had been in doge since 2017 and cashed out in the way down from $.70, so to some degree I was playing with house money. I promised myself I wouldn’t let market movements influence my behavior again. I tried to DCA regular investments through the bear.

Despite this, I find myself anxiously watching price movements, having to physically restrain myself from deploying more cash in an attempt to chase the market. I thought we had lower to go – what if 16k was the bottom? What if I never get a chance to accumulate sub 20k bitcoin?

How do you all deal with FOMO and it’s psychological impacts on investing?

Edit: thanks for the advice guys. Instructions were clear. No money no FOMO. Emergency fund – meet btc.

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