The fact that memecoins can 1000x in a few days, results in a lot of impatient and uneducated investors.


Let’s be real here, 90% of you have no damn clue what you’re doing.

You have no clue about the fundamentals of the coins you buy, the blockchain technology, or how crypto works in general.

Hell, I’m surprised you even managed to create a wallet or an exchange account and put money in it.

On a serious note, the majority of us haven’t been trading/investing long enough to know how this works, or to at least anticipate most of the market movement.

The fact that some memecoins can go up 1000x in a few days, attracts a lot of people who think “crypto is easy money” and the worst part is that this is being pushed from social media.

Whether you invest in cryptos (or the stock market), or in any other asset, you have to know what you’re buying. When you buy, you become a part of that something.

Stocks -> Shareholders

Crypto -> Part of a network

Your coin most likely wont 1000x overnight like dogelonsafecumrocketmoon coin, but it’s alright. If you believe in it, just wait. Hold it and wait. You bought because something attracted you to it, so hold it. And even better, stake it so you don’t have to be tempted to sell.

If you’re not willing to hold, you shouldn’t be investing in anything.

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