The ETH merge may be the catalyst for another huge leg down…


I really think there is a more than likely chance that when the ETH merge happens, or right before it will trigger a massive “buy the rumor sell the news” event.

ETH has been pumping recently and I suspect this is the “buy the rumor” phase.

IF there is to be lower lows and another big leg down in the crypto markets I think the ETH merge could be the perfect storm that provides that.

So, I guess to hedge against this possibility I would be taking some profits on the way up. Or at least keeping dry powder on the side to see how things play out sept-dec.

Also, if the merge doesn’t go off perfectly that could also be reason for a sell off in the mid to short term. I would argue there’s a much higher chance the merge has issues or gets pushed out and delayed further.

What do you guys think?

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