The entire market dipped, here’s why!


ETH folks yelled just days ago “last chance to buy under 5k”… Black Friday sale but wait till ‘murica wakes up the shit will hit the ceiling real quick! Cyber Monday coming up too! Watch out for that extra 50% off too! Mt Gox BTC payouts loom and the creditors gonna sell it all in Q1/2 ’22 crypto reddit coming in to this sub saying it’s (not) gonna be ok kids buy the dip folks are back The Rona and its variants bringing markets down faster than any tether or China FUD BTC still on track to hit 100k cause people say the same thing tomorrow as yesterday no matter what happened today laser eye twitter profile pics were returning and echo chambers were back in actions covfefe (I dunno) we’re in a metaverse market cause there’s no bull or bear and there are only dips! moon farming and moons actually being worth a dime this sub going to 4 million members/degens memecoin subs going into million(s) subs meme coins were going up and then more meme coins been created and then fights between meme coin HODLers who’s meme coin is the realest… people calling themselves CEO of wallstreetbets and the king of the apes for no reason

TL;DR: BTC is going to reach its new ATH in December 2021 (108k $ to be precise) and you can quote me on that!

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