The entire crypto market is being shorted in the last 48 hours and barely anyone is talking about it.


Shorts have been steadily rising with no upper limit in the last couple days with buying pressure still supplying upward pressure.

Just take a look at and see how most coins, especially BTC, are being shorted to an insane degree with FUD regarding the “Omicron variant” as an excuse.

It’s actually infuriating seeing the major hedge funds and financial big wigs trying to create a reason why they want to buy up their personal crypto for cheap.

Yup, lets just all ignore the insanely bad monetary policy and “transitional inflation” that’s been happening for the last couple years.

Meanwhile ($1.6 Billion dollars of ONLY bitcoin) are being shorted in the last 48 hours not including the rest of the crypto market.

Stay smart friends, there’s a coordinated effort to dismantle us all using any means necessary.

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