the devs offered me 100 usd for an exploit


I have been following this game for awhile, it’s called dogedash, it’s like mario, but you can just jump. you pay 0.04$ to play, if you end all levels with 3 lives you get 0.40$, 1.2$ with 2 and 4$ with 1, anyways a couple of hours ago I found an exploit in dogedash that gives me unlimited lives, the anti cheat cannot detect it. I contacted the founder, paul, he offered me 100$ if I report the exploit (the exploit can ruin the entire game, the marketcap currently is 35.000.000$) so should I ask for more? (I know a couple of people that are willing to pay good money for it, I just don’t feel that it’s right though)

edit: mistake, the marketcap is not 35m anymore, it’s 21m, 35m was the marketcap some weeks ago

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