The cult of perma HODL


There’s been a lot of advice about taking profits and or DCAing out just the same way that people recommend to DCA in that has met with common sentiment like “Don’t care I’m in it for the long haul” or “I’ll just HODL for 5-10 years” or some variation of that.

Is there a reason why? If you’re committed to DCAing in, why is it bad in the other direction? By taking profits in the bull run, you’re increasing your purchasing power without adding additional capital for a coming bear market. You can be in it for the long term, but this puts you in a better position to accumulate bigger positions without banking on having the money to perpetually DCAin during the future where you may not know if you’ll have the available funds to do so.

There have also been a lot of posts recently about the past top coins either falling by the way side or never reclaiming ATH. Many of your favorite coins might not be around in 5-10 years and you could be catching a perpetually falling knife.

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