The Crypto investors who are actually sticking around during these more bearish times will be the ones with the most gains during the bullish times.


We’ve seen this happen almost every time Crypto dipped in the past. Those who followed their original strategy and didn’t panic, were the ones who eventually got the most out of the market. People that panic not only leave the market with losses, they kill off future potential gains too.

Meanwhile, people that accumulate during dips are usually the ones to reap the maximum benefits when the market eventually recovers. I’ve seen this first hand after the May crash. Most people lost faith and left the market in a loss thinking this was the end of the cycle, while those who accumulated reaped all the benefits after the market pumped late July.

If you area newbie investing into Crypto, never give up. The market will never go up in a straight like and there will always be significant dips along the way. The best thing to do in a bearish market right now is to accumulate for the next pump, because when it does, people like you who stuck around during the bad times will be the ones with the most gains.

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