The Crypto Fear any Greed Index has only two times in history been that low for so long, the 2018 bear market bottom and Covid black swan.


The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is right now sitting at a 14 “Extreme Fear” and for the past whole month ist has mostly been swinging around 10 with few pokes towards 20. That’s the longest period that had even happened except two other times. The first is Nov-Dec 2018, the last bear market bottom and the next one March-April 2020 the Covid black swan.

This definitely speaks out that Crypto is in a peak fear sentiment right now for a whole month that does not happen that often as said as we mostly get at least some relief but we literally had no significant relief in the past three weeks after hitting 27k.

Does this mean we will definitely go up? Unfortunately the record for that period would be about one and a half month and even then there is obviously no guarantee due to this extraordinary macro-economic situation. So get ready and don’t put your seat belts off just yet.

Edit: title should be Fear “and” greed.

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