The crypto community is still way too inmature


I hate having to say this but it is true. One of the many reasons people hate crypto is the community itself. I would rather spend one week watching r/animemes than spending one hour looking at crypto twitter.

And im not talking only about ape pfps being, well, ape pfps; im talking about the cringe of crypto “influencers” and meme pages that either post repetitive stuff like “if you dont buy bitcoin now, you will regret it” every 2 minutes and the absolute worst memes ever. Not to mention the comment sections with “hodl hodl hodl 🚀” and bots.

90% of people are here because of the money, 9% of the people are here because of the memes and the remaining 1% isnt loud enough to make the community look more serious than it actually is.

This is also an obstacle for the mass adoption of crypto. Imagine nations depending on cryptos with communities like dogecoin’s.

What do y’all think? Am i making this a bigger deal than it actually is?

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