The conundrum of Bitcoin. Why the masses still don’t get it?


Built by an anonymous entity. Solved the double spend problem using blockchain.

Meant to be a parallel form of economy that demolishes the corruption and monopoly of central banks.

Now turned into a speculative asset by venture capitalists and their trigger happy high frequency trading bots that manipulates and capitalize on highly leveraged positions.

Supposed to be independent from the fiat system, yet the masses go “Risk off”, the moment papa Powell screams rate hikes.

Does this mean Bitcoin is flawed? No.

Humanity is. People don’t appreciate what this technology means to represent. A free and fair open system of transfer of time and value.

Yet people see this as a get rich quick Ponzi scheme.

This mentality is the reason why the so called “free” market runs away from it, the moment there’s some uncertainty.

Only a few truly understand and that’s why people like Saylor says they’ll keep buying at the top forever.

Which makes him sound like a lunatic. But if you truly understand what Bitcoin could become once it decouples, you’d become like him.

One thing I do know for sure, that the strongest deniers of Bitcoin will jump ship the moment shit hits the fan.

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