The cheapest Reddit NFT avatars are literally Collectibles. Not the expensive ones.


Looking at the gallery for Reddit NFT Avatars, it honestly doesn’t make sense to buy the cheapest NFTs if you don’t plan on reselling it. It’s honestly a collectible except for The Eyes, Yamata and BeNotAfraid which are currently quite popular due to their design, early listing and originality. The expensive NFTs are investments due to the limited availability. The free Avatars (Drip Squad, Meme team and Singularity) given by Reddit look way better than most of the cheapest Avatars. Infact looking at comments and listings, the free Avatars are way more popular than the cheapest Avatars. So honestly, buying the cheapest Avatars just adds some extra costume items to your Inventory. Save some more dollars and buy one expensive Avatar inplace of ten.

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