The “Buy and STFU” strategy


Has anyone here tried this strategy before? Its proven in crypto to be one of, if not, The best strategy in the market. I don’t get how its not more popular. I believe a lot of the actual big investors use this iirc. Its also 3 pretty simple steps so anyone could do it.

So this is how you do it.

Step 1: Buy

Buy some coins. Just buy some projects that are slowly getting adapted and utilized. Check for fundamentals. Fuck technicals. Think 3 years ahead mininum. Now DCA into it every week/month.

Step 2: STFU

Ok so now that you’ve got your coins. It is time to shut the fuck up. This is the most important step. Many fail here and end up giving in to their fear. Just be quiet. Fuck the market. Fuck current price action. Fuck your coin being down 90%. You bought it at $10, you won’t buy it at $1 tho? Stfu. Buy it. Then stfu some more. Don’t talk to bears. They are broke and they will make you broke by scaring you into selling your coins. Whatever you do, don’t speculate..dont be afraid and dont talk.

Step 3: ??? Profit

Profit. It is now 3 years later and bitcoin halving has happened and your investments have paid off. Instead of being scared you just held onto the projects you believed in. You did it. You succesfully dca’d and shut the fuck up. You are now free to talk.

Let me know what y’all think.

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