The bull run is about to heat up. Selling late in the bull run is your best option, despite what this sub will tell you.


I know, I know, selling is against the rules of this sub. But this is truly the best thing that you can do for your portfolio.

Every Single Bull run has ended with a catastrophic -90% bear market. I don’t think this one is going to be any different.

I predict that this bull run will really start heating up soon. We will see a 120k BTC and a 10k ETH minimum. Then things will enter the mania phase. Shitcoins with literally no purpose will start pumping thousands of percents all day long.

Then, the inevitable crash will come. Your best option is to get out before this happens, no matter what the majority of this sub tell you. This sub has historically given horrible advice.

Make a plan people. Get all your ducks in a row because the bull market is about to heat up and you don’t want to be left holding a bag for 3 years.

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