The biggest thing I’ve learnt about crypto over the past 7 years.


Is overwhelmingly, to hold.

Even in a bear market, when the charts are bleeding red. To hold.

Even when there’s threads about taking profits, telling me to take out 10%, 20%, yada yada yada. Even when you think taking out a portion of a Bitcoin is the smart move. It never is.

If you cannot afford to buy large amounts, simply DCA and stay AFK.

Do not. Take profits.


Here’s a personal anecdote.

I didn’t realize how valuable Bitcoin was around this time in 2016, hitting $700, I thought to myself, “Wow! It 2x’ed!, lets sell and take the easy profits. Crypto is easy money. I’m going to wait for a correction to $400 and re-buy and make some more!”

Alas, the chance never arose.

Once a week, I would watch the charts, trying to time the perfect moment, to buy back in. However, I felt like it was always overpriced. To my disbelief, over the course of the entire YEAR, I watched it grow from a mere $700… over $7,000.

It actually put me off crypto, all the way until the Covid-19 crisis of last year. I didn’t make the same mistake and slowly started buying some Bitcoin over the course of the year.

My only regret? Not buying more, and putting off on buying ETH.

Want to make long-term profit and true money?

DCA and stay AFK.

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