The biggest reason why most of us are relaxed with “losing money” is because we are not losing it at all


It seems that those who said “I’m here in the long run” really are. We are holding and waiting for the prices to come back higher then ever.

The long run is the biggest reason I’m relaxed and because I see crypto as something that can really help me tommorow with my financial situation.

If you are really here in the long run then you should not be too upset about these dips, and it seems people on this sub are really chill. I really like that.

I rarely watch charts, a couple of times a day, the reason is I don’t have a fiat anymore is to buy a dip.

And even if I had I would put a buying order and continue my day completely normal like any other.

It seems that after some time spent in the market, this becomes completely normal.

For those of you who have the money to continue buying, make a strategy, for those of us who don’t have any more, we just have to hold and wait I guess.

Anyway, I like this, I like how chill most of us are. Cracking jokes while “losing money”. Cheers!

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