The best performing coin with >1B MCAP in the last 90 days


is Monero at 25.6%.

XMR 25.6% 3.4B

TRX 23.8% 7.52B

ZCASH 4.74% 1.56B

The TRX price increase was mainly due to USDD minting, that requires TRX to be burned. (Sounds familiar ?)

And ZCASH is basically riding on the coattails of Monero as the 2nd by MCAP privacy coin that no one actually uses.

So why is Monero seemingly unaffected by the bear market ? Simple, because people are actually using it for transacting, not just speculating. Head over to the darknet subreddit and see for yourself.

The coins that will survive and even prosper in this bear market are the ones that actually have real world use case NOW not some promised feature or use case sometime in the future.

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