The 32 BTC puzzle now stands at ~$4 Million. No one has cracked it


The BTC puzzle from 2015 for initially 32 BTC now 100 BTC stands un broken

Possibly set up by Satoshi himself it is a complex puzzle who’s only hint is that the BTC are spaced by bit size up to 2160

We are currently at 263 after 7 years and the current keys have held for 4.5 years. The range of 264

I’ve posted about it before and stated how its now widely accepted that the puzzle is actually a brute force challenge. As all current found keys have been brute forced. However the current keys could take 37 billion years + at 1 million keys a second. 171 years for 64 alone using massive computing power. You could mine 100 BTC faster and cheaper than brute force the puzzle

I’ve started to think that there is a solution to the puzzle but it is unique. E.g it is a peace of external information that only someone who:

Knew Satoshi personaly Knew the mysterious puzzle creator Knows some deep information about the creation of BTC Understands something about BTC that the average programmer user does not

To put this into context the higher the price of BTC goes up the bigger the price. If it goes another 7 years the prize may be worth $10 million +

If anyone wants to give it a go link to a site with current keys found below:

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