The 10 Coinmandments


I wrote down some rules that i learned from made mistakes in the past that i try to stick to and wanted to share them in order to help whoever wants to read this. I would really appreciate some feedback and possible additions to this list.

If you did your research on a specific coin and bought in, do not sell too early if it doesn’t move as fast as you would like within the first few weeks or months. Good coins with strong fundamentals will have their time.

If your coin hits his new ATH it is time to start selling portions of it.

Do not sell everything from one coin. Take out what you put in or take even more profits out, but leave some ‘free money’ in just in case it moons. That way you are happy about your realized gains and happy about the further rising.

If you get the gut feeling that you are coming in a region where you should take profits, it is the perfect time to IMMEDIATELY take profits. Learned this the hard way multiple times.

It is not bad to keep a stable coin position (preferably not usdt) to be able to buy a coming dip.

You should take a look at the BTC/’yourcoin’ chart and not only the usd price. When BTC dominance is high it might be a good time to invest in your researched alt coin and vice versa.

Take a look at the fear greed index. If it is in a region below 20-25 (in fear or even extreme fear) it might be a good time to buy. If it is in a region above 55-60 ( in greed or extreme greed) it might be a good time to sell.

Keep an eye on the ‘BTC Rainbow chart’ to get an idea if the BTC price is in a selling or buying range.

if you buy a coin and make a sell limit in your mind, it could be beneficial to directly create a sell order. That way you won’t get in the state of mind where you think ‘but it could still go a little higher’ and miss the point where you should’ve sold.

Checking network fees before transfering BTC/ETH from an exchange to a wallet.

DCA out while you are in profit and prices are rising and DCA in if you have profit money you can invest when the market dips.

Dont trade with emotion. Make a plan and stick to it.

Buy a hardware wallet

Last but not least the most important rule in this sub: buy high, sell low 😉

Ok these are more than 10, sorry xD Have a nice day everyone!

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