That moment the community starts taking initiative in a project is huge


I have been in too many projects to list but you see similar stages after initial launch.

-The climb. Everyone super excited and buying. -Removing risk. People taking their initial investment amount or more. -Panic selling. People recognise the change in trend. The FUD arrives and people sell either at a loss or smaller profits than the ATH. -Buying the dip. Multiple dips for most that keeps getting deeper. -Paperhands disappearing. Gradually you are left with diamond hands who just don’t shift. -Community taking initiative. That moment the community are generating memes, images, tweets, new ideas, promotions, helping others, shutting down FUD without instant ban.

If ever you miss the launch keep an eye out for the above because that will be your next best entry.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

When would you enter a project after missing pre-sale/launch?

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