“That means companies like Toyota will avoid situations similar to what Tesla found itself in last week, when it disclosed the driving record data of a car owner without their permission, causing an outlash of public ridicule.”


This was taken from an article on JASMY, an Ethereum based token designed for data privacy.


Too long didn’t read? …

With JASMY your data belongs to you, and only with your permission access is granted to a company.

How many times have government and companies lost or leaked our data? JASMY can stop this.

It’s severely undervalued right now after launching in Japan at 4$ and the regulator deemed it illegal. Now they have declared JASMY as the first legal crypto currency from Japan.

Regression to the mean is why this will bounce back from .15$ all the way past 4$.

Yes, I’m a shill. Yes, I’m white. Yes, I’m male. Anything else?

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