Thanks to Crypto I’ve been able to afford life changing medication!


I wanted to quickly share a little happy story from the past year. Ever since getting into cryptocurrency, I’ve been able to set aside some extra funds for certain things after reaching and then blowing past my goal. I’ve had some big health issues over the last few years… Long story short, because of the funds that I’ve been able to set aside, I’ve been able to afford a certain medication which brings me so much symptom relief. As a matter of fact, I’d even go to say that it’s life changing, now that my typical day has improved 10 fold.

I’ve also been able to afford higher end medical products which has made life much easier as well. I’m sure anyone with an ostomy can agree that knowing you’ll never run out of much needed supplies brings a lot of stress relief!! I’m so thankful I discovered crypto when I did. It’s opened so many doors in my life!

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