Thank you China for turning me into a impenetrable diamond holder who knows no fear


After the Chinese announcement yesterday that they’re AGAIN (for the 6th or 7th time now) banning the use of crypto I didn’t even flinch. Evergrande FUD? It barely tickled me. I dislike China in every way possible, but damn I do have to thank them for making me into a man that I would never have become, if it wasn’t for their hilarious attempts at banning crypto and spreading fud.

I went from “OMG DROPPING 3% BETTER SELL” guy to a diamond built, molten metal running through my veins, obsidian covered guy with two rubies instead of eyes and balls made out of gold plated latinum, breathing in pure hopium in a concentrated form.

Nothing gets to me anymore. No FUD from China or from SEC for that matter.

From the exchange my crypto goes directly to the wallet and it stays there. Keep doing your stuff China, it just makes me believe in crypto so much more.

They did the exact opposite of what they wanted. With every FUD they spread, the community grows stronger. With every banning of the crypto they do, we rise even more.

They really should look up “Reverse psychology

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