Tezos: One to Watch



Has anyone else noticed the Tezos logos popping up on the McLaren and Red Bull cars every weekend? This is amazing exposure for the Tezos brand. They are being seen next to world famous brands such as Honda, Tag Heuer, Oracle and Puma. We aren’t only seeing it for a short time either, it is visible throughout the pre/post race interviews and shows. This is hours of brand exposure. Another thing to consider is the wealth involved in F1. So, when European users or countries are looking for Blockchains to work with, Tezos may have an edge due to great marketingl. It seems as the market grows, different blockchains can find their target markets. It seems Algo is doing well in South America for example. So, Tezos is putting itself in a perfect position to become the leading Blockchain in Europe.

Let’s quickly compare Tezos to two competitors in terms of market cap and Circulating supply.

The Tokenomics


Market Cap: $6,788,956,542 Circulating supply: 859,417,966


Market cap: $49,313,344,747 Circulating Supply: 296,694,318


Market Cap: $76,396,821,777 Circulating Supply: 32,038,100,543

Tezos has a relatively low market cap, as well as quite a low circulating supply. Therefore, if they capitalize on all their media attention as well as continue to offer a quality product, they could be in a great position to grow.

Red Bull and McLaren blockchain partnerships

It is important to stress these are multi year deals across F1, Indycar and e-sports. This means we can expect to be seeing Tezos for years to come. Also, what use do they have for a blockchain you may ask? Red Bull and McLaren are looking to make fan experience NFTs. It seems fan experience NFTs are on the rise in popularity as many sports brands look to engage their fans with NFTs.

So that’s it, I think Tezos is ready to take off. Also these things.

Fully PoS/ Energy efficient Hic Et Nunc NFT marketplace popularity Plenty DeFi – Fully audited product Swiss banks allowed to offer Tezos products Strong brand awareness and marketing Potential to gain mass adoption in European market

McLaren Tezos partnerships

Tezos Red Bull Partnership

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