Tether adopted as an official currency by Myanmar(Burma) government in exile to fight against military dictatorship


TLDR : Myanmar(Burma) government in exile recognised Tether as an official currency to fight against Military Dictatorship

Backstory : There was a coup in Myanmar(Burma) in February 2021. 99 percent of the national loathes the military. As of now there are two governments

The military regime (Holding power) The exiled government (won the 2021 election – the cabinet members location – unknown : but rumoured to be in Thailand,Germany,US)Daily Fights going on – guerrilla warfare, daily protests, civil strike, tons of atrocities committed by the regimeTo read about the coup

Since the Military is in control, the junta has tight control over the banks and the internet. Everything is traceable so the government in exile has announced the news today to encourage people to start using USDT instead of the current official Myanmar Currency (KYAT).Link to the announcement

The official Announcement In Burmese Language

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