TerraLuna sub and compassion…


I just took a trip over to r/terraluna and I have to say, most of us are hurting right now but those people literally lost everything.

There is post after posts of users actively contemplating suicide after losing everything.

I know it’s easy to dunk on their terrible Lead as all of Kwon’s tweets are super cringe. After hearing the story of how his incompetence caused this project to fail it’s also easy to dunk on the investors.

But maybe take a moment to reach out, if that’s not brigading, lend some support.

After all, we all invested in cryptocurrency to hopefully have a better life, break free from the corrupted FED, the manipulative stock market, to be our own bank…just to for a hope of having an edge in this life where literally EVERYTHING is harder, more expensive, and stressful.

There is always a way out, if you feel hopeless, talk to someone.

Edit: no upvotes please, I just noticed on the main page there are better posts explaining my sentiments. I usually sort by new…

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