TERRA is now going full mental – “The community is deciding on a new @terra_money , between restoring a snapshot prior to attack…”


source: https://twitter.com/stablechen/status/1525023238895837184?cxt=HHwWgIDRycmj_KkqAAAA

So just rewriting history is now a serious option. I am sure this is legal and the exchanges will surely have nothing against this 😀

Honestly why can’t they just stop. This hurts the whole cryptospace and any serious project as long as this is going on. Doing a rollback back to 3 or 4 days ago does not solve ANYTHING it just hurts even more. The legal implications of that would be gigantic, too.

I am actually debating, if I should by some coins just to have funny legal battle if they actually follow through with that.

Edit: If someone wants to dive deep into the mind of the self proclaimed “lunatics” here you go: https://agora.terra.money/ There are all kinds of really funny proposals 😀

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