Tell me your crypto dad jokes!


I am a dad and I really enjoy saying dad jokes likes : what do you say to a naughty bee? To Beehive!

So I was wondering if any of you came up with really good Crypto jokes over times. I mean it has been 12 years now you should be quite good at it shouldn’t you?

I just thought of one little dirty but still quite funny for my part as it’s an inside joke (pun intended) : when you fart you can tell your wife or kids that it’s the Gas fees!!

Ok it’s kind of lame but I think you get my point. I need to increasey portfolio (badum tsss) of shitjokes rather than shitcoins. Yes I know I am super bored at work so why not passing the time with this little game between all of our community.

I think you could give me some jokes maybe coin related so it’s even more crypto-ic than just normal ones? It would be fun to really see what you come up with and if we can build a huge database of crap jokes. Please enlighten me with some of your best jokes. Waiting for that Algo wait in line to go to the fiat mine.

Toodle ou.

Oh right I may need few more characters to get it approved as I think the word count is around 250 and I don’t want to be removed for spamming as I repost this sub so maybe I will Finnish with :

tLDR : please give me your awesome crypto dad jokes for free

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