Tell me what is your largest bag without telling me what is your largest bag !


You own a lot of cryptos ? you own only one ? Try to tell us and we’ll take a guess !The more you make it simple yet complicated the most entertaining it will be. I want to take a shot checking if I can guess what is the top coin in your portfolio right now !

Let’s have a fun time attempting to guess and trying to make other people guess !

You can also make a riddle of some sort or even code your answer, just try to tell if it is very hard or easy. I’m not good in deciphering but we could all try.This can take our mind off the market for a bit and celebrate our knowledge of so many specific coins !

Edit: I’m so happy right now you can’t imagine, I had a shitty day (not shitty but just low energy) and you made my day by partaking in this game! Thank you to all !

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