Technically there is no reason not to buy, all the indicators confirm it. Why would this time be different?


Checking the most used (doesn’t mean they are the best by any means) indicators about BTC price, we have:

Fear and greed index (Now at 9, anything under 20 is time to buy) 2-Year MA Multiplier (Price is way below it, as today it’s 36K, meaning buy) The Puell Multiple (Way below the 0.5 value, now at 0.4, means buy now) Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart (Blue color a “Basically a Fire Sale”, buy now again)

All of these say price is low and you should buy, as it has happened before (being right), why this time it would be different?

Las time these four indicators were like that was in March 2020 when BTC price was around 5K, these that purchased that time have a 300% return in a little bit than 2 years.

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