Technical Analysis of Bitcoin’s Near Future


First, I want to introduce everyone to a powerful technical analysis tool for stocks as well as cryptocurrency. It can give you predictions with a high degree of accuracy.

Wow check out this interface

Holy cow that is a big looking image lets try not to use too many of these. Just kidding, downvote me to hell, I don’t want to have to resize everything. Here we go!

I originally was going to ask “what bitcoin do” but I thought it sounded like a racist accent.

Okay, so, I Ching readings will give you a few different stories. The arrangement of the lines tells a story, and each line tells a story, and lines that are “changing” tell a story in terms of what the reading is changed into. So first, lets see what the reading in general is:

Um… are you telling me to be a recruiting shithead maxi? Yes please.

So that’s fun, and look at the time, definitely not an omen or anything. Anyhow so what does this say about the price of bitcoin in the near future? It says that if bitcoin is going to make it through these difficult times to come, it is the time to build a robust user base – a community built on common purpose. The utility of bitcoin is an untapped resource – the deep water beneath the earth’s surface is the stored wealth of some number of thousands of people encoded into the blockchain. Who is the superior person nourishing and instructing the people? Why it is all of you, the denizens of reddit and the early adopters! If you build a loyal, disciplined following, good fortune will follow. But the course must be led by experience – by the old hats.

Lets get into the nitty gritty and take a look at the meaning behind the first (bottom) line.

Immediate war reference… cool… uh…

So is this dealing with the… uh… economic impacts of the current… um… geopolitical climate? Or maybe it’s talking about bitcoin maxis marching onward toward broad adoption? Lets see if any more context ends up framing this as either general allies or specifically a military situation…

Wasn’t Zelensky recently on the front lines?

Okay, this isn’t just a reading about the war… this is about bitcoin… uh… lets see. Right, also, not a reading, this is technical analysis. I’m trying to help you fuckers get rich with real mathematical analysis of trends. So back to this elaborate coin flip.


I’m… I’m going to interpret this as bearish… I think this is an ill omen… maybe sideways with some localized volatility, exploring some lower numbers yet to come? Maybe? I have to go store water by the hundreds of gallons and order 7000 ramen packets on amazon to put in my shelter I’m just going to pop out and build…

A stronger position like a ramen and water filled shelter made of corrugated steel and terror?

I take this as a suggestion that maybe investments should be defensive, whatever that means for you – be it bonds or cash or bitcoin rather than alts. I take this to be a welcome sign that maybe this reading isn’t about the global instability that threatens us all. Maybe it’s just something I’m reading too much into…

Catch that game in the field

Bitcoin is the seasoned veteran, I take this to mean, or else there is some prophet of crypto this refers to. Whatever the case, few could argue that it would be bad for a seasoned veteran to be elevated. The game of economics is definitely, uh, in some kind of field, and I think we’d be wise as fuck to catch it. Perhaps this is a prediction that bitcoin will resist inflation and recession better than other assets? Not investment advice, just detailed technical analysis.

Now we’re right back to being creepy

What this is saying is that scavengers will not find any scraps, there will be nothing left after the spoils are distributed among the loyal. This is market share, the reading – I mean the technical analysis states that market share dominance will continue as time goes on, to the point that it will seem like only bitcoin and bitcoin-like currencies have found true, functional dominance.

One last thing to check, we need to see what hexagram is projected in the future.

Oh my, I’ve been flattered by a prediction, does this happen often?

Huh… the minutes of the time match the number of the hexagram… fun. So this paints a rosey picture of the future of bitcoin. I think this means long term bullish. Short term bearish, take defensive investment positions, and be mindful of the war’s impact on the economy. Long term, bitcoin maxis will reap endless benefit if they can stay modest and compassionate.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

I just noticed the changed hexagram is a vertically reflected and inverted version of the same pattern, that’s also fun. Also the first hexagram is 7, a prime, and it changes to 14, 2 times that prime. All fun stuff. All definite indicators that we’re going to see sideways movement, some volatility and sharp downward but temporary spikes, maybe a general weakening as time moves on, and then an eventual resurgence.

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