Taxing Crypto while billionaires avoid trillions of dollars in taxes shows the system is rigged


Not only do you have to report Crypto transactions to the IRS for tax purposes, the IRS requires you to pay taxes on mined and purchased Crypto if you make any profit. It’s outrageous how the IRS totally ignores billionaires avoiding trillions of dollars in taxes while asking Crypto holders to pay taxes.

The government literally paid billionaires by the trillions after they printed money out of thin air to dumb straight into the stock market. Normal people were already scammed when the dollar supply was increased by 50% and they were told to go fuck themselves after the government didn’t even bother raising the minimum wage as promised.

Billionaires literally avoid trillions of dollars in taxes by moving their assets to tax havens or just by using shady practices. You have teachers paying more taxes than billionaires while not being able to afford a single bedroom apartment in the city they teach in.

But of course, tax Crypto while giving billionaires trillions of dollars for free right? How dare the poor peasants invest in Crypto to become rich!

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