Stop listening to Market Manipulators and Reddit idiots. Early Bitcoin investors are voting with their feet.


Monero. XMR, you know the coin with the $1.25 million IRS bounty. You know, that coin thats so decentralised that anyone with a CPU (from a PSP slim to a vending machine) can mine with and support the network.

The one with the fairest of launches, no premine. No dev taxes. Developers are a rag tag of anonymous mathematicians and cryptographers from around the world. Anyone can view and edit the code.

Didn’t put it in the title cos I’ve made some great posts and they seem to go unnoticed. Won’t get conspiratorial now.

Anyways there is a reason that many people who invested in Bitcoin at say, $200, $20, are now Monero Maximalists. It is truly the CypherPunk coin. It’s the people’s money: Tail Emission ensures the networks security indefinitely, while Bitcoins security is at risk when there’s no more supply increase.

Will tx fees be enough to secure the Bitcoin network? One that is completely transparent for the world to analyse? How about Eth, that rich mans playground?

If you’re ignoring Monero now TRUST ME you still be crying about it in 5 years time. Stop investing in SHIT. LoopCrap, VAG and BAL nft social contracts BULLSHIT – nobody cares guys.

Monero is powerful enough to uphold entire underworld economies, entire nations.

Look up White House market. XMR is game changing. Not fucking Ripple.

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