Stop killing your brain cells with constant looking of prices on your phone


If you have decided buy crypto then you have certainly not come here to stay short time but you are here for a long journey. If you missed an opportunity like me (because I didn’t save enough money to buy a dip), or rather you didn’t leave money in stable coins to invest when the time is right then we should play a game that is not killing your brain cells and stressing you 24/7. It’s called “stop it you dummy”.

Checking prices non stop does you no good. You will destroy social life, no one likes that negative tired man in society who hangs on the phone non-stop. You will ruin your health by stressing, and on top of all that you will just waste time and learn nothing new. What new can constant price checking teach you? Nothing. Stop killing your brain cells.

So, if you missed an opportunity and you are in the “red zone”, learn from your own or other people’s mistakes. From now on, put some money that you can afford to lose in a stable coin and don’t spend it, just use it for a dip. Buy a little bit, and if the price goes lower just buy more. If the price goes up, you are making a profit and that dip money is still there. Win win situation. Thanks for reading.

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