Stop investing temporary money — no coin is “safe enough”


I’ve seen 2 threads tonight one investing temporary money that will be needed for school and one investing other people’s money that was collected as a pool to surprise them later. Several of the comments suggested doing this with BTC to be safe and it blew my mind so if I could have a quick second to show you some reality.

If you invested $1,000 on April 13th with the intention to pull it in 3 months – by July 13th you would have $513.00 left. Not so safe. But lets say you were smart and waited for a dip, like we have going on now and invested on April 25th, you’d still only have $719 if you wanted to pull out 3 months later.

I can do this with far more devastating timelines like the time from December 2017 to April 2018 where you’d have $317 left of that thousand even though you had a whole 4 months to wait.

The reason we say only invest money you can afford to lose is because you could actually freakin’ lose it, and if it’s money you need (or holy fuck — other people’s money) you can’t afford to let it stay on for the ride back to green and beyond.

This is, and always has been a market best played long term but never play with solid calendar deadlines.

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