Stop giving hackers access to your crypto portfolio’s


For the past few months, I’ve seen several tips on how to protect yourself from hackers and discussions on the techniques they use. However, I have yet to see anyone explain that you need to delete your e-mails. Consider this a reminder if you already do this.

Hackers glean incredible amounts of information from your e-mail if they get into it. Your e-mail is like “one stop shopping” for a full hack event.

For example; if you ever had problems with any of the exchanges or wallets you use (don’t we all?), you may have had to send those exchanges pictures of your ID, passport or even your recent utility bill such as your electricity or Internet bill to possibly verify or reverify your account. “ALL” that information is probably stored in your “SENT’ folder in your e-mail. If you delete the e-mails in your “SENT” folder, all those images are now in your “TRASH” folder and still accessible to hackers if they gain access to your e-mail. So you will need to delete everything in your “TRASH” folder next. If any of the exchanges replied to personal information you sent, a copy of your personal documents is now in your primary “RECEIVE” folder.

You see the problem here? Your personal information is running rampant all over your e-mail in various places. You need to delete EVERYTHING. Hackers only need to find one e-mail that you missed to gain full access to your identity.

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