Stop checking the charts every 5 minutes and set some alerts! Crypto could be our future, but remember to enjoy the present.


Lately it’s been a habit of mine to check the charts almost every time I have a few minutes to spare. This is all potentially life-changing for us, right? Well, I’ve noticed that this type of behavior is unhealthy.

Sure, crypto plays a role in our lives and all of us hope that it will positively influence our future. However, we still need to keep enjoying the moments we have. Always looking for that next dopamine hit and opening the charts makes it hard to do so.

Well, I’ve decided to stop this bad habit by setting alarms on price changes. There’s an alarm for when BTC goes below 39k, as well as an alarm for when BTC goes above 46k. Anything between are price changes that I do not care about. I will no longer check the charts every 5 minutes to see if the price has made any substantial moves. Instead, I will focus on enjoying my days and check in once or twice a day to see what my portfolio is doing – and that’s it.

There are plenty of apps to use for this. One very simple android app I’ve found is “Bitcoin Checker”. It’s open source, no ads and pulls prices off coinbase. You can set various alerts and it will notify you based on that. Of course, do this for any coins you like – you might need to find a different app though.

If you have any other tips on how to stop obsessing over crypto prices, please share in the comments!

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