Stop believing all the crypto influencers, please.


I work in a crypto company that deals with marketing. That’s all i can say. But after working there for a few months, I just had to tell people this: take everything your favourite youtuber says with a grain of salt. Here’s why:

Crypto marketing companies have all the crypto influencer database in the world. Your favourite crypto youtuber? 100% on that list with a price tag next to his name and conditions written “Can promote anything”, “I’ll say it’s unpaid promotion, I just love the brand- give me double money for that”. And I only got shocked after watching how much these companies pay these guys(including crypto journalists, sites, twitter, youtuber, all platforms basically). They get how much an entry level graduate gets in a year in 1 fricking video promotion. I saw a particular youtuber’s name and price and truly don’t blame them for being corrupt anymore. That much money would make me question my ethics too haha(you can guess in comments, they are very popular).

I’m making this post because I’ve worked for clients and these influencers who have been scummy to their audience in the past(and continue to be). And their audience still falls for it and it’s truly sad to see.

So yeah, I’m not trying to say “don’t watch them because they’re sponsored” because they obviously need money. This sponsoring shit is on all social media platforms for every product but it’s just more scummy in crypto because the audience instantly buys what the youtuber says. If it was something like honey or dairy products being recommended, you wont go ahead and buy it right then. But you would in crypto.

My point is: don’t watch them blindly, keep your eyes and ears sharp. This is how many scams start. Again, not saying that your favourite influencer is promoting a scam, but never fully trust someone. We’re in a cryptocurrency sub after all.

(yes, I’m using an anonymous account for my protection. yes, i’ve hidden my ip as well because i’m a bit paranoid. yes, i just made a throwaway account and earned 1.2k karma just to post here to inform you guys. i made it a while back and wanted to post here but the karma requirement didnt allow me to)

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