Stop being surprised and start strategizing around alt coins


I understand. I understand that it’s frustrating to see a coin that you and everyone in your circle called a ‘shit coin’ take off. I get that seems counter-intuitive to your research, passion, logic, feelings, etc…

But there are very legitimate and logical reasons it keeps happening over and over, even if you don’t see those reasons and even if you don’t like those reasons.

Here’s a few quick, logical reasons for what SHIB is doing today:

DOGE showed that there was global interest in a low-cost coin for people who didn’t ‘get into BTC in 2012.’
SHIB is (according to their community) looking to improve upon the DOGE model.
SHIB is marketing genius. They identified their adversary and set out to shift its supporters and funds over to its coffers. You might “hate marketing’ but I have news for you… marketing won’t go away in a Decentralized world. In fact, it is going to be 10000x more important in a decentralized world as long as we are not all given equal access to meet our basic human needs.
While many people enter this space to make some money, many people in the world right now see Crypto as a means to improve their life in the near future. They cannot fathom doing that by investing into 0.00001 BTC, but they can see it happening with something that only costs 0.004 per coin. This isn’t wise if they FOMO into it, true. But PEOPLE, as a general rule, ARE NOT WISE. They want gains, and they want it as quick as possible. This is true in all markets, and will not stop in Crypto.

There’s a lot more I can say on this, but the general point is this:

Stop being surprised by these events. Instead, use your logic and concern and plan for them.

find an amount you are willing to risk and take some risks on promising alt coins. Personally, I keep 5-15% of my portfolio for this purpose. But do whatever you want.

This isn’t financial advice. Just my opinion and approach to dealing with what so many people on here seem to have trouble accepting:

Emotional movement in a market is logical. Learn to read it and move accordingly.

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