StepN – My Review So Far


StepN is a crypto app that rewards engagement through running and walking. My review so far is preliminary, but a few notes:

1) They do ration the invite codes, you can find/grab one on Discord if you move quick;

2) You pay ~13 solana to buy a pair of ‘shoes’ which basically allows rewards to start accruing for running.

3) I tested my gps with a test run, and it seemed accurate. I did this before I bought. My run was about 6-ish miles and the app recognized the whole run. The app didn’t tell me how much credit I would generate with a single pair of shoes, but I assumed it would reward a good chunk of my run.

4) I bought the shoes, the buying experience was not great. Had to reddit/google good features, and I’m still confused on many. I paid ~13 SOL.

5) When you buy, you can’t really go running for a day since you need ‘energy’, which replenishes fully about once per day.

6) Today I had my full energy, but this lasted only about 10 minutes. No one told me to stop the app after the energy had burned/at about 10 minutes even though at that point, I would be degrading my shoes with no payoff.

7) I waited a few hours and got a bit more energy and ran again for 2.5 minutes.

8) In total today I ran 12.5 minutes in the app, making $27.7 USDC.

9) Fun so far, but kind of pissed it doesn’t really reward full runs.

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