Stellar Lumens are awesome, and almost too useful. Great for circumventing fund transfer delays on exchanges.


Hello fellow crypto zealots. I have a personal observation on XLM. It is so useful for moving money between exchanges and wallets that I have a lot of trouble holding it.

I first bought into XLM at around 10 cents, but was never able to hold it for long. It’s so fast and cheap to move it.

For example, I use Coinbase pro to purchase assets and there is a waiting period from the time I deposit my fiat, to the time I can move my new assets to my wallet. When I purchase a coin I want to stake immediately like ATOM or ALGO, I just transfer an equal value of XLM from my wallet back to the exchange. This allows me to bypass the waiting period and start staking my new coins instantly. Then when my deposit clears, I just move it back for almost nothing, instantly. I’m sure a lot of you do this, but I felt like I discovered fire the first time i thought of this and wanted to share it.

I am bullish on stellar and think it’s future is bright, even if it has been moving sideways for a bit. I still find it so useful that it is difficult for me to leave it alone.

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