Squid Game’s rug just got pulled!


Looks like Squid Game (SQUID) just got tanked by the creators. Obviously a scam token, the price went from $1,5 cents on 26 october to an astronomic $2856 just moments ago. As of just about 30 minutes ago the price of SQUID has now plummeted to about $0,0008, leaving everyone who bought in with not only a token that they cannot sell (read the whitepaper) but that is also worthless. The ‘team’ behind Squid Game likely took off with whatever amount of money they could get from it as the website is now unreachable, same goes for the associated Marbles website. The Twitter page still exists, but is temporarily restricted, while the Medium page does not exist anymore.

CMC page: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/squid-game/

SQUID website: https://squidgame.cash/

Marbles website: http://marbles.finance/

SQUID twitter: https://twitter.com/GoGoSquidGame

SQUID medium: https://medium.com/@squidgamebsc

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